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I wanted to do this before people got tired of this.


I wanted to do this before people got tired of this.

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having a dog that is undergoing heartworm treatment is hard because yena is active and she can’t be active until her heartworm treatment is complete in like, 4-5 months.

so no doggy park or long walks or hiking or running :( she’s going to hate me :( :( :(

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wth is a snooter-dooter?

a word i made up because i make up words

today i made up the word infinible which is what happens when ‘infinity’ and ‘infallible’ cross pollinate 

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theblackgreywarden replied to your post “so guardians of the galaxy was pretty average.”

With all due respect, I disagree on that the humor was forced. Like Pacific Rim, it’s humor comes from the fact that it doesn’t know how stupid it is. It’s all honesty with no tounge-in-cheek snide. That’s what makes James Gunn’s films so good

Nah, I disagree.  Guardians of the Galaxy tries to be funny and a lot of it fell flat.  Not all of it; there were some genuinely hilarious moments.  

My sister pointed out to me that Gamora has one line where she says “pelvic sorcery.”  It was supposed to be funny, but it was a line that was so corny and so forced and so ridiculous combined with terrible delivery that I actually facepalmed and my sister was embarrassed.

Pacific Rim wasn’t trying to be a funny movie.  GotG relies on its humor to sell the film.  Pacific Rim is a lighthearted movie that doesn’t take itself seriously.  No one in it was trying to be funny.  I think there’s a key difference there.

I dunno anything about James Gunn, but a quick look-up shows me that he did the writing for Lollipop Chainsaw…which is just lol.

Why do people who equate a lack of intelligence with movies that don’t take themselves seriously, are self aware or lighthearted affairs (Pacific Rim)?

I haven’t seen the movie, but I can tell from the trailers that Guardians is trying to be funny as a selling point or mission statement with its characters. Pacific Rim wasn’t even about that. If you laughed at something in the latter movie, then it’s likely for reasons more organic than anything falling out of Chris Pratt’s or CGI Raccoon’s mouth. C’mon, son.

I’m probably just as old as you, so would you kindly refrain from giving me that condescending “son” bullshit? Thanks. Also, you skewed my intention, or rather my character limit did. To quote critic Kyle Kallgren on Pacific Rim and why it works:

"There are no winky asides pointing out how silly it is that they’re using giant robots to fight giant monsters. No one subverts the ridiculous names. No one groans when “Stacker Pentecost” tells people to go to the “Shatterdome” and go inside “G**sy Danger”. It is nothing but a beacon of sincerity, and I have to respect that.”

That’s what I was going for. All the cheesiness that seeped from Guardians could easily be made fun of within the film, but they go the noble route and let it wash over the audience and use actual humor that isn’t meta-humor. That’s what I was trying to get across.

Pacific Rim wasn’t a subversion and wasn’t supposed to subvert anything.  It played the idea of giant robots seriously within the context of the movie but that doesn’t mean that the movie isn’t lighthearted and not serious.

This…isn’t really even the original argument I was making.

'c'mon, son' is probably less a reference to your age and more a reference to ed lover:

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just wanna get rich enough to buy my mom all the shit she deserves 

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Guardians of the Galaxy (1995)

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do you ship stony? hahaha


i would dip my arms in hydrochloric acid before i would let tony stark near steve rogers

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When girls go out wearing tiny, tight, skimpy outfits, I mean they have the choice to wear something else. some thing less provocative, so really girls are asking for it.


If you’re out in public and I see you’re not wearing any protective headgear does that give me the right to smash in your skull with a hammer? I mean you asked for it, since you’re not wearing something to protect your head. 

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Does Natasha have any female friends that she works or hangs out with?


Natasha’s had several friendships stop and start— historically Marvel has had a problem keeping a female lead book going long enough to develop and sustain friendships beyond one issue or run.  And for whatever reason, comics tend to remember Natasha’s romantic entanglements with men more than her connections with other women. Her two-second, after the fact affair with Hercules is what Champions flashbacks always show, not the friendship she made with Darkstar, a fellow Soviet defector.

So, let’s see: the first Marvel Knights series had Natasha develop a deep friendship with Dagger that’s not been referenced since.  In the second volume she worked with Helen Kim, a non-costumed SHIELD agent who disappeared after that series was axed at issue #6.  Marjorie Liu planned on bringing Natasha in to be a mentor in X-23, but the book was cancelled before she could write that arc.  (Liu also pitched a series about Laura, Natasha, Elektra and Mystique that never got picked up.)

Natasha and Sharon Carter had a few team-ups that spun out of Brubaker’s Captain America run, including Captain America and the Secret Avengers by kellysue, but Sharon is dead now and no one outside of Steve’s book seems to have noticed.  Natasha was a complicated influence on Rikki Barnes in Nomad: Girl Without a World and the associated backups, but Rikki’s dead now too.


Natasha: Why didn’t you call me yourself? I found out from cage.
Angela: I didn’t want to impose— you’ve already helped me—
Natasha: Hurting the Chaeyi? No imposition at all.
Angela: You’re right, Natasha— I didn’t think I’m sorry.
Natasha: Don’t let it happen again.

Natasha was a huge encouragement to Angela Del Toro when she was starting out her hero career in tamorapierce's White Tiger mini, but Angela’s fallen into comicbook limbo. A+X #2 showed Natasha making a connection with Rogue and implied the two now hang out regularly, but like everything else it’s never left that issue. (I guess Rogue’s been dead recently, too.) Natasha took Crystal of the Inhumans to a superhero theme night at a pizza buffet/all-male revue once during the nineties, but, okay, I can see why that’s never been revisited.

The central premise of the current Black Widow series is that Natasha doesn’t let herself take days off. She takes extracurricular missions, instead. And one of the major consequences in this story is the isolation that she creates for herself, and how that lonliness frays her. Natasha keeps parts of herself compartmentalized; she can be a difficult person to know. But she is also nosy and meddling and driven to help people who tug at her.

Natasha’s major SHIELD contact right now is Maria Hill, and they share a subtle, professional relationship that is one of the highlights of the current book for me.


Natasha: And you think I can succeed where you failed?
Maria: I am not paid for uncertainty, agent. Do your thing.

In the wider MU, Natasha shares a developing friendship with Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew. This started in Avengers Assemble, has been nodded to once in the main Avengers title, and is now a key component of the ongoing Secret Avengers series.


Jessica: Can we do this every month, until, like, the next major catastrophe happens and everyone has to go beat up some aliens somewhere again?
Natasha: We can do this even twice every month. Wars never last. It’s going to be back to business as usual. Then we get more massages.

I’m not totally thrilled with Jessica’s characterization in that book, but I am totally thrilled to see a friendship like this survive more than one author. Maybe we’ll see Natasha pop up in Jessica’s just-announced book, eventually.

Panels from White Tiger #6, Black Widow #5 and Secret Avengers #1.

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